Xodus Group, a Perth-based international energy consultancy company with offices worldwide, supplies engineering and advisory services to clients in the oil and gas, LNG, renewables and utilities industries all over the globe.  

Finder Exploration is a privately owned oil and gas company operating from Perth, Western Australia, with permits across the North West Shelf. Founded in 2004 by Jan Ostby, originally an entrepreneurial explorer in the multi-client seismic space, Finder has found success in securing and operating a total of 30 petroleum permits in Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, UK and more recently Canada.  

Junior oil companies are experiencing tough times at the moment. The worldwide oil price crash is forcing innovation and efficiency measures across the board. Low costs and the ability to commercialise existing resources are key to a junior’s success in the current environment and Australian energy company ADX Energy (ASX:ADX) are looking to manoeuvre in the current market by developing the previously abandoned Nilde field in the Sicily Channel.  

The price of oil has plummeted from US$145 per barrel in 2008 to on average $35 in the first quarter of 2016. The benchmark Brent Crude oil has picked up recently, trading near $50 p/b at the time of writing. The oil price crash has...