Western Australia takes top spot in 2021 Fraser Institute mining jurisdiction survey

Mineral resource rich Western Australia (WA) has been ranked at the most attractive mining jurisdiction globally in the Fraser Institute’s latest annual survey of mining companies.

The eagerly anticipated publication placed WA above Saskatchewan in Canada and the US state of Nevada in the Investment Attractiveness Index for 2021. The rankings take both mineral and policy perception into consideration.

The rest of the top 10 was dominated by North American jurisdictions, with Alaska, Arizona, Québec, Idaho and the Yukon all making the podium. Morocco and South Australia were also included in the top 10.

As in previous years, the results indicate that developed countries with long histories of success in the industry represent the best opportunities to invest in mining. However, the number of available projects in the top jurisdictions are limited, while some of the world’s best deposits are in places where doing business is perceived as risky.

Zimbabwe, an African nation replete with gold, platinum, diamond, lithium, chrome and coal deposits, was ranked as the least attractive jurisdiction in the world for investment, followed by Spain, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Mali.

Nicaragua, China, Panama, Argentina’s Mendoza, Venezuela and South Africa closed out the bottom 10.