Australia to ‘dominate’ metals-driven green energy transition, says EMR Capital’s Hegarty

Australia holds a ‘world-class competitive advantage’ ahead of the global green energy transition thanks to its deeply entrenched and broad-based commodities sector, according to EMR Capital executive chairman Owen Hegarty.

The experienced mining executive struck a bullish tone on Australia’s role in the green transition in a press released commissioned by the International Mining and Resources Conference + Expo (IMARC). In the article, he cited the potential for a new battery metals-driven supercycle.

“For 2022, our outlook is that, as the world grows, there will always be more demand for those commodities, so you’re going to see that sort of multi-decade growth,” he said. “Now, you know, on top of all that, and what you would usually describe as normal, is the whole transition towards decarbonisation and net zero.

“Whether you want to characterise it as greening the economy or responding to climate change, it will increase the demand for battery metals. Australia is going to dominate because its base resources are here, its people are here, and its base technologies are here.

“50 years ago, we were just starting some of these things, but now we have built a world-class competitive advantage.”

Graphite, manganese and vanadium are key commodities to watch in 2022, according to Hegarty. “Those companies which have some form of application to EV or the energy transition, are the winners,” he added.