Element 25 partners with Circulor to develop ESG transparent manganese supply chain

Australian manganese miner Element 25 will partner with supply chain traceability firm Circulor to establish full traceability and ESG tracking standards for products produced from the Butcherbird project in Western Australia.

In a joint statement, the companies said the partnership will help Element 25 demonstrate traceability and ESG compliance for its manganese products as part of its strategic pathway to zero carbon manganese.

Real-time, digital visibility of ESG metrics, including carbon emissions intensity and energy mix used, will be made available to downstream market participants, including offtake partners.

“The collaboration between Circulor and Element 25 is a fantastic example of the way the minerals industry is evolving to provide better traceability and accountability as it works tirelessly to provide the new energy sector with sustainable raw materials to power the global energy transition away from fossil fuels,” Element 25 managing director Justin Brown said.

“It reinforces E25’s commitment to forging a pathway to zero carbon manganese production from the Butcherbird Project.”

Manganese is being seen as an increasingly important ingredient for EV batteries, with potential supply constraints and costs for nickel and cobalt forcing battery manufacturers to consider using high manganese cathodes for EVs.

By positioning the company in the zero carbon space, Element 25 becomes a more attractive option in the booming EV battery market, which is expected to be worth around US$152.9 billion by 2028.