Saudi Arabia aims to generate over 15,000 GWh of green electricity by 2024

Saudi Arabia has revealed plans to rapidly boost electricity generation from renewable sources by 2024, as part of the Kingdom’s gradual transition away from a power system dominated by fossil fuels.

According to the Saudi General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT), around 15,109 GWh of green electricity is planned by 2024 – supplying 692,557 homes with clean energy.

The projects, to be implemented under the National Renewable Energy Program, aim to provide 7,870 job opportunities by the end of 2024, GASTAT said. The programme is comprised of 13 projects with a total capacity of 4.87 GW.

Solar projects will account for the majority of energy produced, making up 91.8%, with the remaining 8.2% to be provided by a single wind facility – the Dumat Al-Jandal Wind Power Project.

The standout project is the 1.5GW Sedar Solar PV Plant Project, which resembles a share of 30.8% of the 13 projects’ total capacity. Another significant proposal is the Rass Solar Project with a capacity of 700 MW.

By reducing the amount of fossil fuel consumption in Saudi Arabia’s power sector, the projects will contribute to decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by 9,828,156 tonnes per year by 2024.

Last year, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced a target for Saudi Arabia to generate 50% of its energy from renewables by 2030 along with a net zero emissions goal by 2060. The Kingdom also plans to plant 10 billion trees in the coming decades to offset its ongoing carbon emissions.