Barton Gold finishes 2021 exploration programme with 66% strike increase at Southern Hub

Since listing on the ASX in June 2021, Barton Gold has extended the total mineralised strike of its Southern Project Hub in South Australia by 66%, following a series of successful geophysical and drilling programmes targeting the Tarcoola and Tunkillia Gold Projects.

Approximately 10,300 metres of RC drilling have been completed across the two projects since the IPO, along with 2.6km2 of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and 80.5km2 of gravity surveys at Tarcoola.

Around 350 metres of strike and 200 metres of depth extensions have been added to the shallow open pit mineralised profile at Tarcoola, with the strike extensions confirming a new, shallow and high-grade gold zone first identified by Barton during 2020.

Meanwhile, the Tunkillia footprint has expanded rapidly, with two new gold zones adding around 1.5 km of new mineralised strike near the existing 223 Deposit, which hosts a mineral resource of 965,000 ounces of gold on 2.5 km of mineralised strike.

Barton has also validated a higher-grade central zone in the 223 Deposit, which will offer improved development opportunities. Multiple high-priority targets are to be tested across the Southern Hub during early 2022.

Speaking with RGN, Barton MD Alexander Scanlon said: “In the four months following IPO we have validated our predictions for four key target areas, confirming three new gold zones and identifying a higher-grade core in our 223 Deposit.

“A number of local priority targets are still to be tested at both projects, and with all gold zones open at depth and along strike we are on a clear path to build an impressive mineral resources base – the current 1.1 million ounces of gold is just our starting point.”

The company is also the beneficiary of considerable support from the South Australian Government, which recently announced an A$11.5 million extension of the Accelerated Discovery Initiative (ADI) programme through 2025.

The ADI programme has already co-funded multiple innovative exploration initiatives for Barton including GPR, gravity surveys, cutting edge soil geochemistry and drill testing of conceptual targets at the Tarcoola project.