Mines and Money Online Connect October Day Three round-up:

The latest edition of Mines and Money Online Connect concluded today in front of a packed audience that was provided with in-depth analysis of the latest trends across the mining sector from some of the industry’s biggest names. Two key themes that emerged from day three of the event are detailed below:

The precious metals outlook:

There was a general consensus among speakers during the event that there is plenty of upside to come in the precious metals space, despite a ‘painful’ correction in the last 14 months since the record high gold price of August 2020.

Many panellists told of their expectations for increased money printing in 2022, which is likely to inflate the price of the US dollar and subsequently drive up the price of gold. “A doubling of the gold price within 12 months is easily possible,” said Willem Middelkoop of Commodity Discovery Fund.

The global decarbonisation trend:

Another unanimous conclusion from discussions at the event was that of the indispensable role of mining in the global decarbonisation mission, with a plethora of metals and minerals set to be required in significantly higher multiples of current supply

One of the most successful resource sector investors of the last 20 years – Markus Bachmann – spoke on the need for investors to realise the role they play in powering the electrification revolution by funding mineral exploration.

“Not putting money into exploration is hypocritical. We need five times more copper in an EV than a regular car. We need to find that copper,” he said. “The investment community needs to have an honest look in the mirror. By investing, we can do good things and influence better climate outcomes.”

After another hugely successful online event, attention now turns to the return of physical conferencing with Mines and Money’s London event this December. The event will provide a renewed focus on in-person networking, along with the opportunity to connect online for those investors who cannot travel.

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