Australian firm to ditch Alberta coal project, favouring renewably energy complex

ASX-listed Montem Resources has announced it is working on plans to transition its proposed Tent Mountain coal project in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass region to a sprawling renewable energy complex.

The exploration and development company has a keen focus on Canadian steelmaking coal but intends to diversify its interests with an integrated wind and hydropower facility, which would make the Tent Mountain site Canada’s first large-scale green hydrogen production plant.

Independent expert studies have validated the plan, indicating that the site should target 300GWh of on-peak power production per year from the pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) system.

This renewable energy will be used to produce up to 13,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. “Developing Tent Mountain as a renewable energy complex could result in the first large-scale production of green hydrogen in Canada,” Montem’s managing director and CEO Peter Doyle said.

“Furthermore, the PHES component of the complex will play an important role in filling supply gaps in Alberta’s electricity grid.

“We are repurposing our existing assets at Tent Mountain, which include large water reservoirs on land we own, and easy access to infrastructure, including rail, high voltage power lines, gas pipelines and the interprovincial highway.”

There has been a rush of coal exploration across Canada’s Eastern Rockies in the last two years, but the companies involved are facing fierce public protests and political and regulatory barriers. Conversely, Canada has legislated support for developing green hydrogen in line with its 2050 net zero emissions goal.