UK Prime Minister pledges clean electric grid by 2035

The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told members of his Conservative party that the UK will have a clean electricity generation system by 2035.

At the ruling political party’s annual conference in Manchester, Johnson said the country can deliver the goal based on its progress in renewables, especially in offshore wind.

“Looking at the progress we’re making in wind power, where we lead the world now in offshore wind, looking at what we can do with other renewable sources, carbon capture and storage with hydrogen potentially – we think that we can get to complete clean energy production by 2035,” he said.

A report from the Times newspaper suggested that Johnson will aim to achieve a decarbonised UK power system via a mix of renewables and nuclear energy. The latter will require significant investment in order to provide base load capacity alongside wind and solar, according to the report.

RenewableUK chief executive Dan McGrail welcomed the announcement and said scaling up renewables is the best way to reach net zero emissions and protect British consumers from gas price shocks.

However, to make the 2035 target a reality the country needs to move “even faster, building more onshore and offshore wind projects without delay, as well as harnessing the full potential of innovative technologies like floating wind, renewable hydrogen and marine energy,” he said.