State of Play report finds 89% of Australian miners anticipate electrification

A new survey of over 450 Australian mining executives has found that mine electrification is widely expected to take place over the next 20 years, in one of the most pressing transformational imperatives for the industry.

Around 89% of respondents in the State of Play’s 2021 electrification survey said they think mine sites will electrify within the next 20 years, while over 60% expect the next generation of mines to be all-electric.

In support of the electrification thematic, the State of Play platform earlier this year created the Electric Mine Consortium, which is comprised of several mining and service companies from across the value chain.

The collaborative organisation is predicated on a trifecta of health, environmental and economic benefits that can be attained with mine electrification. Notably, 91% of respondents in the survey think electrification will spur new business models, while 53% would electrify for cost reasons.

State of Play co-founder Graeme Stanway told Australian Mining that electric equipment would allow for a shift to a clean future for mining where machinery is safe, automated and battery-powered.

“This would effectively cut out two of the biggest issues in mining: carbon impact and particulate exposure and result in zero carbon emission mines,” he said.