Mining drives 45% of global economic activity, says Mark Cutifani

Anglo American chief executive Mark Cutifani yesterday told the audience at this year’s virtual CIM convention that the world cannot survive without the contribution of mining to every aspect of modern life.

In a galvanising speech during the opening plenary of the annual Canadian mining event, Cutifani noted that other critical sectors, including energy, food production, construction, transportation, renewables infrastructure and communications all rely on mining.

“In fact, 45% of the world’s economic activity is driven by the mining sector,” he said. Furthermore, mining only takes up 0.04% of the world’s habitable land, compared to agriculture’s footprint of up to 50%.

“[Mining’s footprint is] literally the smallest footprint relative to our economic contribution than any other industry,” Cutifani added before discussing the issues of perception facing the mining sector.

“Even with all the contributions we make, people tend to see us an industry that takes more than it gives…One of the things we don’t do well as an industry is talk about what we do.”

Anglo’s boss went on to discuss the diversified miner’s updated sustainability outlook: “In 2018, we redefined our own conversation about ourselves and took the way our customers were describing us – and that is as a metals and minerals company.”

As part of its sustainability goals – which revolve around supporting a healthy environment and thriving communities and being a trusted corporate leader – Anglo has committed to support the creation of five offsite jobs for every one onsite.