Botswana Diamonds recovers diamonds from River Kimberlite pipe in South Africa

AIM-listed Botswana Diamonds has recovered 11 diamonds and abundant kimberlitic indicators from drill samples at the recently discovered River Kimberlite pipe at Thorny River in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Following a detailed ground geophysical programme in October 2020, six reverse circulation (RC) holes were drilled into the River Kimberlite pipe. A combined total of 39.5 metres intersected kimberlite and an additional 55 metres intersected a weathered kimberlite breccia.

Around 500 kilograms of sample material from these holes was submitted to an independent processing facility for assessment through screening, dense media separation and hand sorting, with 11 diamonds of good clarity and colour recovered, along with a range of abundant kimberlitic indicators including G10, G9 and eclogitic garnets and chromites and chromium diopsides.

Botswana Diamonds chairman John Teeling said: “The recovery of so many kimberlitic indicators and in particular diamonds, which are very rare to recover in small sample narrow RC drill holes is highly encouraging and bodes well for the potential commerciality of this exciting discovery.”

Next, the company will embark on a detailed core drilling programme, which is planned for the dry season in South Africa. Last month, Botswana Diamonds entered into a cooperation agreement with Diamexstrat to fund its exploration activities back in Botswana.