IGF calls for policy action to support women in mining

The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) has published a report aimed at pushing governments to promote gender equality in the mining sector.

The paper, published yesterday to coincide with International Women’s Day, found that in many countries, mining laws and regulations neither fully mainstream the principle of gender equality nor acknowledge women as active participants in the sector.

This has meant that legislative frameworks often fail to include measures to promote women’s participation in the formal mining workforce. “Women’s roles and rights as community members go unnoticed within the frameworks regulating environmental and social impact assessments, environmental management guidelines, or impact benefit agreements,” it said.

“This often results in women receiving only a minimal share of the benefits of the mining sector while being disproportionately affected by its environmental, social, economic, and cultural impacts.”

Later in the report, IGF called for the implementation of specific policy options across the mining sector, such as ensuring that mining codes and laws do not discriminate against women and creating action plans that address gender equality in the mining sector.

“When and if a country already has an action plan to achieve a sustainable mining sector (or is preparing one), another good strategy could be to fully integrate targets, activities, and indicators on gender equality and women’s economic and social empowerment in such plans,” the report read.