Fraser Institute crowns Nevada as world’s most attractive mining jurisdiction

The latest Annual Survey of Mining Companies conducted by the Fraser Institute has ranked Nevada as the most attractive region in the world for mining investors.

The gold and silver-rich US state leapfrogged Western Australia in the 2020 survey and returned to the top position it held last in 2018. The new version of the Fraser Institute’s popular ranking is based on answers from 276 participants covering 77 jurisdictions.

Final rankings were based on a combination of two indexes — Best Practices Mineral Potential, which rated regions based on their geologic attractiveness, and the Policy Perception Index, which measured the effects of government policy on attitudes toward exploration investment.

Another US state – Arizona – moved up seven places to second in the 2020 survey. The Canadian state of Saskatchewan, Western Australia and Alaska closed out the top five, with Quebec, South Australia Newfoundland & Labrador, Idaho and Finland following in the top 10.

“The Fraser Institute’s mining survey is the most comprehensive report on government policies that either attract or discourage mining investors,” said co-author of the report Elmira Aliakbari.

“A sound regulatory regime coupled with competitive taxes make a jurisdiction attractive to investors,” added Jairo Yunis, Fraser Institute policy analyst and report co-author.

The least attractive jurisdiction for investment was Venezuela, followed by Chubut (Argentina), Tanzania, Indonesia, La Rioja (Argentina), Bolivia, Mendoza (Argentina), Zimbabwe, Spain and Michigan.