Tirupati Graphite reports successful battery grade SPG trials

London-listed Tirupati Graphite has announced the successful completion of trials and tests for the manufacture of battery grade spherical graphite (SPG) for use in lithium-ion batteries.

The fully integrated specialist graphite producer and graphene developer achieved >99.95% purification of its Madagascar flake graphite, after working with a German manufacturer of spheroidisation and micronisation equipment.

The press release to the LSE also revealed that the company has commissioned development and optimisation for the first in a series of commercial scale 3,000 tonne per year SPG manufacturing plants with a German specialist and initiated discussions with prospective buyers, including car makers and battery manufacturers.

“With EV markets evolving faster than ever before and an increased focus on reducing emissions from mobility, coupled with the daily evolving geopolitical situations, it is an extremely important and opportune time for us to concentrate our efforts in fast tracking the development of commercial capacities for SPG manufacturing,” said Tirupati’s executive chairman and CEO Shishir Poddar.

“Our green credentials with zero-waste purification technology give us the ability to manufacture and supply our SPG products to EV makers as a preferred source, and we are very well positioned to benefit as an eco-friendly ex-China source of this critical material,” he added.