Aggreko’s shift to greener power helping miners with emissions targets

World leading power supplier Aggreko has committed to net zero emissions by 2050 and is partnering with the world’s biggest miners to use greener energy like solar, wind and natural gas.

The company, which has supported the global mining sector for over 30 years, has pledged to invest up to US$480 million to support its energy transition, including big spending in mining, which it sees as a major growth area for its business.

Miners with unreliable or no access to grid power are increasingly partnering with Aggreko to provide hybrid power solutions on site, which might include a mix of diesel, gas, solar, wind and battery storage.

“I believe that in the future we will see more miners partnering with power providers who are able to provide highly efficient, but also low-carbon solutions like Aggreko,” said Aggreko Australia Pacific managing director George Whyte.

Of the 80 countries in which Aggreko has a large presence, most of the hybrid power solutions it is delivering to mining sites are located across Australia, Africa, North America, Canada, Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia.

Furthermore, Aggreko’s global head of mining Rod Saffy said that while the mining industry is looking for economic, reliable and available alternatives to fossil diesel, it would be a phased approach.

“Miners are interested in hybrid projects that utilise solar and battery storage and are looking to us to become their independent power provider for the life of their projects,” he said.