Mines and Money Online Connect Precious Metals round-up

Mines and Money’s first commodity-specialised virtual event – Online Connect Precious Metals – has been taking place this week, with a selection of excellent live content featuring some of the brightest minds in the industry discussing the hottest topics. RGN brings you a comprehensive round-up of the highlights so far.

The competitive ‘mining pitch battles’ have been a regular occurrence throughout the week, with a selection of mining executives pitted against each other and a formidable set of judges for the chance to win a hypothetical US$1 million investment from each judge, while the affable Jochen Staiger from Commodity TV kept timing in check.

Following a three-minute presentation by every participating executive and eight-minute grilling by the judges, three winners were chosen: Saudi and Ethiopia-focused gold explorer Kefi Minerals, Mongolian firm Steppe Gold and American Pacific Mining.

After the silver price ballooned by nearly 7% following a ‘short squeeze’ attempt on the precious metal by the now world-famous followers of Reddit forum WallStreetBets, the silver investment outlook panel was perhaps the most interesting and salient session of the week.

“With the global decarbonisation trend, the demand will be there for silver because you can’t make solar panels without silver,” said Ian Williams of Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers. “And the younger investors understand that.”

Claude Bejet from Junior Mining Newsletter also said that as this bull market progresses, silver will move to a monetary asset. “Silver always outperforms gold and this run is no exception. The most leverage will be with the junior stocks.”

It wouldn’t be a Mines and Money event without 5@5 – the popular interactive session involving five experts at 5pm (somewhere in the world). So far this week, there have been two 5@5s, focusing on precious metals opportunities on the TSX and the ASX, with one more to come tonight at 8pm (GMT). There’s still time to sign up and attend the session, which will focus on North American gold exploration opportunities.