Mines and Money Online Connect Global: Day two round-up

Mines and Money Online Connect Global kicked up a gear on day two with another astutely chosen schedule of presentations, panel discussions and additional live content for its viewers. The round-the-clock event continues to provide a private digital meeting space for mining companies and investors to thrash out those important deals in the travel-restrictive COVID-19 era.

Melbourne Mining Club does 5@5

Day two kicked off with an edition of Mines and Money’s much-loved 5@5 sessions hosted by the Melbourne Mining Club and its chairman Richard Morrow. 5@5 has been running since the world went into COVID-19 lockdown and aims to help mining companies put their message out to the investment sector during the current situation.

Participants in the session included VanGold Mining CEO James Anderson and Nomad Royalty CEO Vincent Metcalfe – each of whom delivered strong company presentations – plus renowned industry investors Matt Geiger of MJG Capital and John Forwood of Lowell Resources Funds Management.

The conversation centred on the current precious metals bull run and ways in which investors can gain leverage from the current favourable conditions in the market. In a concluding remark, Geiger said: “I truly believe the longer we stay disciplined as investors and project operators, the more long lasting this bull market can be.”

How will M&A activity evolve in the next 12 months?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up a significant amount of disruption across the global mining sector so far this year, but there hasn’t yet been a downturn in the level of mergers and acquisitions activity according to Harvey Law Group lawyer Amelia Polisano.

She was speaking alongside four expert panellists, tasked with discussing their expectations for the deal-making section of the mining space in the COVID-19 era and beyond. During the live Online Connect Global session, the panel identified opportunities and potential headwinds for those looking at consolidation through mergers and joint ventures.

Denham Capital’s Bert Koth pointed to the reduced opportunities to conduct due diligence at mine sites due to COVID-19 restrictions as something that would negatively impact the volume of M&A deals going forward. “However, now is an opportunistic time which will favour the bold,” added Pala Investment vice-president Kate Southwell. “There will be opportunities as well as challenges for development projects ahead.”

Enter the mining pitch battle

Mines and Money’s first mining pitch battle of the Online Connect Global event took place on day two, with five high quality mining companies entering for the opportunity to secure a hypothetical $1 million investment from the ‘Dragon’s Den’ judges panel.

In a fiercely-fought contest, Nevada-focused gold explorer Ridgeline Minerals was chosen as a number one investment by three of the five judges, thus clinching the title of mining pitch battle winner for day two.

“We have three district scale projects in the Carlin and Eureka trends and we are committing to 6,000 metres of drilling by year-end,” said managing director Chad Peters in his successful pitch to the judges.

“We‘d like to thank the Mines and Money team for organising such a fun event today,” Peters told RGN afterwards. “We may be a tad biased but our team has always felt we had a great story at Ridgeline and it was incredible to see that the pitch battle judges felt the same.”

Check back to RGN tomorrow for coverage of Mines and Money Online Connect Global, day three.