UK’s £3 billion ‘green recovery’ a drop in the ocean, says REA

The UK’s largest renewable energy body has branded the government’s £3 billion ‘green recovery’ plan ‘a mere drop in the ocean’ in the drive to build a comprehensive clean energy economy.

In the government’s Summer Economic Update, Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday promised the plans would create 140,000 green jobs and focus on improving energy efficiency across the UK.

However, Renewable Energy Association (REA) chief executive Nina Skorupska criticised the plans, which failed to mention renewables, and called for Sunak to work with the industry on a ‘comprehensive and far reaching plan’ in the run up to the Autumn Budget.

“Today’s announcement confirmed a lot of what we already knew, £3 billion funding for energy efficiency improvements and a drive on green job creation,” she said.

“Although we support the sentiment and maintain that this is a good first step, in reality, these funds are a mere drop in the ocean of what is needed to truly stimulate the economy and set the government on track for Net Zero by 2050.”

Skorupska said the plans were severely lacking in funding ambition and called for clarity over details involving the Green Homes Grant.

“When viewed against the German government’s £36 billion spend into climate change-cutting, economy-boosting measures and France’ £13.5 billion at tackling the climate emergency; £3 billion doesn’t seem to be in the right ballpark for our ‘world leading’ green recovery,” said Claire Petricca-Riding, head of environment at law firm Irwin Mitchell.