Mines and Money Online Connect (EMEA) day three round-up

Mines and Money’s excellent Online Connect EMEA conference drew to a close today, with investors and mining companies raising a drink to a hugely successful three days of digital networking, information sharing and – most importantly – deal making. RGN followed the event closely and will provide a full round-up of both the APAC and EMEA sessions in its upcoming issue.

EV revolution to move up a gear post-COVID-19

The plenary session of day three kicked off with a timely discussion on the future of the electric vehicle (EV) market and the battery metals sector following the COVID-19 crisis. Copper Bank CEO Gianni Kovacevic spoke to Rock Tech Lithium chairman Dirk Harbecke in front of the Online Connect audience.

Kovacevic predicted a third lithium market boom in the next five to 10 years, with demand set to grow 10-fold to serve the growing EV market. “The EV market is growing significantly & sales have been minimally affected by COVID.”

He suggested that the global electrification drive will be accelerated following the reduction in atmospheric pollution in cities around the world during COVID-induced lockdowns in recent months.

Meanwhile, Harbecke discussed Europe’s plans to build a vertically integrated EV battery metals supply chain. “If there are going to be five million EVs in Europe in the next five years, you will need at least 10-12 convertors, which is around US$4-5 billion of investment in Europe alone,” he said.

Mining to shoot for the moon

In an afternoon session, the Online Connect audience was given a fascinating insight into frontier developments in the mining of metals in outer space. NASA’s Robert P. Mueller spoke to Jean-François Harvey from Harvey Law Group about the fascinating prospect of asteroid mining and mineral extraction on the moon.

The discussion ranged from the importance of the discovery of water on the moon, various space treaties including the recently proposed Artemis Accords – which attempts to establish a legal blueprint for mining on the moon – and the development of commercial space travel in the next 20 years.

However, Mueller stressed that the mining of mineral resources in space for use on earth can only take place when there is a tipping point relating to the costs associated with bringing those minerals and metals back home.

Bumper 5@5 rounds off the hugely successful EMEA Online Connect show

The final instalment of a trilogy of 5@5 sessions this week was delivered, in partnership with resources investment expert team Dundee Goodman Merchant Partners, and featured no less than five mining companies and two renowned resources stocks investors.

Dundee’s Robert Nixon set the tone for the discussion by stating that the firm hasn’t seen a more bullish time for precious metals investment than now. “To say we are bullish is an understatement. Our aim is to marry our expertise with exciting junior companies.”

A standout presentation was delivered by New Place Dome CEO Max Sali, who struck an enthusiastic tone when discussing the current market for precious metals firms and waxed lyrical about his company’s prospects in the premier gold district of Nevada. “At Kinsley Mountain, we intend to wake up the sleeping giant, and not in a nice way,” Sali quipped.

Stay close to RGN for full coverage of the APAC and EMEA conferences in our next issue