Renewable energy provides close to 50% of UK’s electricity in Q1

Surging wind power propelled renewable energy to provide almost half of the UK’s electricity in the first three months of the year, smashing the previous quarterly clean energy generation record set last year,

Official government data has shown that renewable energy accounted for 47% of the UK’s electricity generation. The previous record was 39% in the third quarter of 2019.

The ‘substantial increase’ in the UK’s total renewable energy output was primarily driven by a growth in electricity generated by solar panels and wind farms, which climbed by more than a third over the last year, according to the government’s energy analysts.

In particular, the reported highlighted record wind power generation, resulting from the addition of new wind farms and the UK’s unusually wet and windy weather at the start of the year.

Offshore wind energy jumped by 53% on the previous year, while onshore wind power grew by a fifth. In total, wind power generated 30% of the UK’s electricity in the first quarter, beating the previous record of 22.3% set in Q4 of 2019.

Rebecca Williams of Renewable UK said: “You can be sure that the latest records, extraordinary though they are, will be broken again in the years ahead, as we phase out fossil fuels to reach net zero emissions.”