Clean energy to provide 35% of Australia’s electricity by 2021

Analysts at Green Energy Markets (GEM) have predicted that renewable energy will provide 35% of Australia’s electricity needs within two years, after the consultancy published the country’s latest monthly generation figures.

The GEM report found that renewable energy regularly exceeded 30% of total electricity generation at midday during June, with rooftop solar systems and new large-scale solar farms driving the performance of renewables, despite June being one of the least sunny months of the year.

The level of clean energy in Australia’s electricity system peaked at 39.2% in the middle of the day on 30 June. Overall, renewable energy delivered 22.3% of Australia’s total electricity supply for June.

GEM director and analyst Tristan Edis said that clean energy growth would continue in the short term with several large-scale projects to come online. However, he warned that the renewables boom could end without a new federal renewable energy target beyond 2020.

“What we are seeing now is just a glimpse of what’s ahead because you’ve still got a substantial number of solar farms coming through,” he said.

“We’re going to be regularly having 50% of renewables – solar, wind and hydro – across the national electricity market in the middle of the day in the next 12 months. But it is also soon going to get hard to get new stuff built.”