Africa’s largest wind farm officially opened in Kenya

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project at the end of last week – Africa’s largest operational wind farm.

LTWP’s 365 wind turbines have the capacity to generate 310MW of renewable energy for Kenya’s national grid, increasing the East African nation’s electricity supply by 13% according to Kenyatta.

“Today, we again raised the bar for the continent as we unveil Africa’s single largest wind farm,” said the President at the launch of the project on Friday. “Kenya is without doubt on course to be a global leader in renewable energy.”

The project will help Kenya reach its ambitious goal of achieving 100% green energy by 2020, while also serving to reduce power outages by 12.5% and cut power costs by between 7-10% over the next few years.

Around 70% of Kenya’s national electricity originates from renewable energy, such as hydro power and geothermal. The country is ranked 9th in the world for its geothermal capacity of up to 700MW.

At a total cost of US$680 million, LTWP represents the largest single private investment in the history of Kenya.