Technology to alter 77% of Australian mining jobs in next five years: EY report

A new report compiled by global accountancy firm EY for the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has found that 77% of Australian mining jobs will be enhanced or redesigned due to technology within the next five years.

The research, titled The Future of Work: the Changing Skills Landscape for Miners, looked into the impact of technology adoption and innovation across the mining value chain and the job market.

The report found that employment projections are set to increase over the next five years, despite automation affecting a small proportion of occupations which would decrease in demand.

“Innovation, people and skills combined with technological advances will deliver a more globally competitive minerals sector that delivers fulfilling careers in highly paid, highly-skilled jobs,” said MCA chief executive Tania Constable.

“New technology and innovative practices will enhance the performance and productivity of 42% of Australian mining jobs, with a further 35% of occupations being redesigned and upskilled leading to more valuable employment opportunities.

“Automation will give the opportunity for reskilling into other areas,” she added.

EY also noted that the rollout of new technologies would increase productivity by up to 23%, but would require an investment of over AUS$35 billion.