Dominion digs up North America’s largest ever gem diamond

Dominion Diamond Mines has announced the discovery of a 552-carat diamond from one of its Canadian mines, claiming it to be the largest gem-quality stone ever found in North America.

The yellowish stone, found at the Diavik Mine in Canada´s Northwest Territories near the Arctic Circle, is nearly three times the size of the previous record holder, an 187-carat gem called the Foxfire.

The Foxfire stone, which was said to glow bright blue in the dark, was also mined from the Diavik mine and eventually yielded two stones that sold for US$1.3 million.

Dominion called their latest find ‘astonishing’ in a recent statement. “A diamond of this size is completely unexpected for this part of the world,” the statement read.

The rough stone has some abrasion markings on its surface due to the difficult journey it underwent during recovery. It will now be polished and cut by a master cutter before its full value can be determined.

“Our Diavik Mine has produced some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and this one certainly tops the list,” said Dominion’s chairman Kyle Washington.