Spain unveils ambitious 100% renewables plan by 2050

Spain is hopeful that its ambitious new plan to draw 100% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2050 will be approved by parliament, as delegates convene at the COP24 climate change conference in Poland this week.

The new plan, called the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law, also aims to reduce emissions by more than 90% over the same period. Teresa Ribera, Spain’s minister for the ecological transition, said the new government aims to decarbonise the economy.

“We are a government convinced of the importance of working on positive, co-operative multilateralism, and also taking our share of responsibly on domestic action.

“When we think of the wildfires in California and the wildfires in Portugal, we realise this is exactly what was predicted by climate scientists — and exactly what was predicted by climate scientists for Spain. This is terrifying for us,” she added.

The proposals would also see no new licences for oil and gas exploration in Spanish waters issued, and drilling would stop completely by 2040. Meanwhile, internal combustion engine cars will be phased out and after 2040, only electric and other ‘zero emission’ vehicles will be sold.

The government hopes to kickstart the transition away from fossil fuels by starting annual tenders for 3,000MW of renewable power.

Meanwhile, the EU signed off on three measures from its Clean Energy Package that will see member states work to a 32% target for renewable energy electricity generation by 2030.