AES Gener to supply renewable energy to Lundin’s Candelaria mine

Chilean electricity provider AES Gener has signed a long-term renewable energy supply agreement with Canada’s Lundin Mining Corporation for its Candelaria Mine Complex in Chile.

The contract will see AES provide 1,100GWh of clean energy per year to the mining firm’s copper operation for a period of 18 years starting in 2023.

In a press release, Lundin said the deal would reduce costs and enable continuous optimisation of the Candelaria operation. For AES, the agreement is part of a new strategy to make the electricity supply of Chilean mining companies greener.

“The agreement with Minera Candelaria fits into the new business solution of Green Blend and Extend (Blextend) of AES Gener, which extends the existing contractual and commercial relations with our trading partners on the basis of a fully renewable and competitive electricity supply,” said AES general managing director Ricardo Manuel Falú.

Meanwhile Phillip Brumit, president of Minera Candelaria, said: “This strategic alliance with AES Gener is very relevant to the future of our operations, which ensures the provision of a vital input for our process of production, with a marked footprint on sustainability and innovation.

“This is another step that will help us fulfil our mission of being a world-class mining company that contributes to the development and well-being of our workers, communities, the region of Atacama and Chile.”