UK summers could be powered entirely from renewables by 2050

New research has found that summers in the UK could be entirely powered by sources of clean energy by 2050, although gas power stations would still be needed during the winter seasons.

Analysts at Aurora Energy Research looked at how the wholesale power market would cope if the UK meets its 2050 target of cutting carbon emissions by 80%.

The report estimates that nearly 91% of the country’s electricity would be provided by wind, solar and nuclear by the middle of the century, up from 50% today.

The researchers found that the price of power would drop to nearly zero between April and October because of lower demand and the glut of electricity coming from solar and wind farms around the country.

However, traditional energy firms would still have a viable business model because prices would hit around £70 per megawatt hour (MWh) in the other half of the year, higher than today’s annual average of £50-60 per MWh.

“Reaching a high renewables scenario can deliver Great Britain’s climate change targets without breaking the wholesale market,” said Weijie Mak, a co-author of the report.