Victoria leading Australia’s renewable energy drive: GEM report

A renewable energy construction boom in the Australian state of Victoria is set to create more than 6,000 annual jobs, according to a new report by Green Energy Markets (GEM), commissioned by GetUp.

Victoria is officially creating more large-scale renewable energy construction jobs that any other Australian state, with 5,169 jobs years of employment – meaning one person working full time for one year – recorded in August 2018.

With 12 large-scale wind and solar projects under construction and 28 under planning approval, Victoria’s job years of employment in the renewables sector will increase to 6,072.

Victoria is also set to lead the national rooftop solar industry, after the state government recently unveiled a AUS$1.24 billion renewable energy programme – Solar Homes, offering 50% solar rebates on rooftop solar installations.

The GEM analysis predicts that the programme will lift Victorian solar installation jobs to a monthly average of 1,719, up from the 2018 average of 1,096.

“Rooftop solar is on track to provide $41 million of bill savings to Victorian households alone and will continue to cut family power bills with the ongoing installation boom,” said GetUp campaigns director Miriam Lyons.

Overall, renewable energy generation exceeded 25% across Australia’s major East and West coast power grids in August, breaking the record for monthly renewable energy generation according to GEM.