Wind to become biggest power source in EU by 2027: IEA executive director

Wind energy has been predicted to become the EU’s largest power source well before 2030 by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) executive director Fatih Birol.

Birol was speaking in a ministerial session at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg, which consists of the WindEnergy expo and the WindEurope conference, and struck an optimistic chord in his presentation.

According to the IEA’s latest projections, wind energy will become the EU’s largest power source in 2027, significantly earlier than the organisation’s projection in its 2017 World Energy Outlook, which predicted this to take place ‘soon’ after 2030.

The IEA’s revised projection comes after the EU recently agreed to increase renewable energy generation to 32% by 2030 throughout the bloc. The organisation believes that wind electricity generation in the EU will more than triple to 1,100TWh by 2040.

Speaking ahead of the summit, Birol said: “Wind has a critical role to play in the world’s energy mix. It already accounts for almost 5% of [global] electricity generation today, but its potential is much greater.

“With ongoing cost declines and the right government policies, it could become a leading source of generation globally in the coming decades,” he explained.