Apple to lead RE100 members collaboration for US renewable energy projects

RE100 members Apple, Etsy and Swiss Re, along with digital platform provider Akamai, have joined forces to develop two new wind and solar energy farms in the US states of Illinois and Virginia.

Tech giant Apple will lead the joint initiative that will deliver a total of 290MW of renewable energy across both projects, enough to power 74,000 US homes.

The 125MW Illinois wind farm will be built by US-based renewables developer Geronimo Energy, while private solar asset owner sPower will construct the 165MW photovoltaic facility in Virginia.

Akamai, Etsy and Swiss Re said that by collaborating with Apple under the deal they were able to access wind and solar power at ‘competitive prices and agreement terms’.

Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, The Climate Group, said: “This is a fantastic show of collaboration between forward-thinking companies pioneering new ways of sourcing renewable energy.

“By partnering to buy renewable electricity, these RE100 members are able to leverage the bargaining power of their combined electricity demand.

“They are also sending a powerful signal that businesses want access to low-cost, clean power in all markets – and they’re not going to wait for utilities to deliver it.”

As members of RE100, Apple, Etsy and Swiss Re have all committed to powering their global operations entirely through renewable energy. Apple reached its 100% target earlier this year.