China’s national nuclear agency in talks to build $1 billion reactor in Jordan

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is in ‘serious talks’ with the Jordan Atomic Energy Comission (JAEC) to build a US$1 billion nuclear reactor in Jordan.

JAEC’s chairman Khaled Toukan revealed the news before adding that a formal agreement for the 220MW helium gas-cooled reactor will be signed next year, with the project set to be completed in 2025.

“We are in advanced and serious talks with CNNC regarding this advanced and inherently safe reactor,” Touran told The Jordan Times.

“This reactor is very efficient for electric power generation and can be used for water desalination, to process heat and can serve chemical industries as well as oil refineries,” he added.

Jordan is reliant on oil and gas imports from neighboring Middle Eastern nations for 95% of its electricity demand, but is actively looking to diversify its energy mix away from imported hydrocarbons.

CNNC is the only organisation implementing nuclear expertise globally, having already exported reactors to seven other countries.

It is currently holding talks with 40 other nations regarding delivery of programmes, including companies in the UK, US, Russia and South Korea.