Google’s parent company Alphabet arrives at 100% renewable energy goal

Alphabet purchased enough renewable energy to cover the electricity needs of all its global operations and data centres last year, reaching its 100% clean energy target on schedule.

At the end of 2016 Google’s parent company announced plans to operate entirely from wind and solar generated energy within a year. In achieving this target, the tech giant became the biggest corporate buyer of renewable power in the US.

Neha Palmer, head of energy strategy at Google, said the company’s energy purchase contracts had resulted in more than US$3 billion of investment in wind and solar farms globally.

“Investing in renewables makes sense for our business,” she said. “These are long-term transactions with fixed prices … the prices in some markets are competitive or even lower than conventional power.”

While other Silicon Valley giants such as Amazon and Apple have made similar grand announcements with regards to renewable energy goals, Alphabet has stolen a march in the race to build a renewables portfolio to keep pace with growing power demand.

The company secured 3GW of renewable energy last year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, while Amazon and Apple followed in second and third place in terms of volume of green energy purchased.