UK and Germany lead the way in European renewables growth

Sources of renewable energy provided 30% of the European Union’s total electricity usage in 2017, with the UK and Germany accounting for the highest growth in the clean energy sector.

German thinktank Agora Energiewende & Sandbag Smarter Climate Policy published these findings in a new report which concluded that at the current rate of growth, the EU can increase its renewable power generation to 50% of its electricity mix by 2030.

The report also revealed that electricity consumption increased by 0.7% last year, the third year in a row that consumption has gone up in the regional bloc. The UK was the only country where electrical consumption didn’t rise.

However, while the EU’s renewables sector did make progress in 2017, 56% of this growth was provided by the UK and Germany since 2014, which has provided a slightly skewed overall performance.

During the last three years European wind energy grew by 19%, with two thirds of this from the UK and Germany, while solar power contributed to 14% of renewables growth in this time period.

Matthias Buck, director of European energy policy at Agora said: “Progress on renewables has been increasingly reliant on the success story of wind in the UK and Germany, which has been inspiring.

“Solar deployment, however, is surprisingly low, and needs to increase in line with the massive fall in costs.”