India reveals 200GW renewable energy drive to 2022

India will tender enough renewable energy projects over the next three years to meet a capacity target of 200GW by 2022, according to Power Minister R K Singh.

The government is aiming to exceed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s climate pledges with a raft of green energy targets that are second only to China on a global scale.

A new three-year tender programme for renewable energy projects will meet the nation’s original capacity target of 175GW in five years, while plans have also been made to increase local solar equipment manufacturing.

“Our renewable road-map doesn’t include plans for floating solar projects and offshore wind installations, and we will comfortably exceed 200GW by 2022,” said Singh in New Delhi.

However, India has only 60GW of installed renewable energy capacity, and will have to double its wind energy installations in five years and expand its solar capacity seven-fold to reach its target.

Anand Kumar, Secretary at the new and renewable energy ministry added that to exceed India’s targets, tenders of more than 80GW will be set for solar projects, and 3OGW for wind by the 2020 financial years.