China vows to end renewable energy wastage by 2020

China is aiming to prevent power generated from its renewable energy industry from going to waste by 2020, according to the country’s National Energy Administration (NEA).

In several regions, especially in Northwest China, power from wind, solar and hydro facilities is often wasted because there is not enough transmission capacity to absorb the energy.

However, the Asian powerhouse will now focus on boosting renewable energy utilisation and significantly reducing curtailment rates.

In a statement, the NEA said the utilisation rate of hydro power plants in the Southwestern provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan should reach around 90% by 2017.

In addition, it expects wind power curtailment rates to drop to about 30% in the Northwestern provinces of Gansu and Xinjiang and to around 20% in the Northeastern region of Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia this year.

Finally, solar power wastage in Gansu and Xinjiang provinces should be reduced to around 20% and below 10% in Shaanxi and Qinghai in 2017.

China is targeting an increase of its renewable energy consumption to 15% of its total energy mix and 20% by 2030.