Tesla and Vestas to partner in world-first combined renewable energy project

Renewable energy giants Tesla and Vestas have partnered in a world-first renewable energy project to be built in Queensland which will combine wind, solar and energy storage technologies.

The first phase of the 60.2MW Kennedy Energy Park at Flinders Shire in Queensland will become the world’s first utility-scale, on-grid wind, solar and battery energy storage project when it comes online before the end of 2018.

US-based electric car maker Tesla will provide a 4MW ion battery, while Danish renewables specialist Vestas will supply the wind turbines for the amalgamated project.

Vestas will supply a total of 12 V136 turbines which stand at 132 metres tall, making them the largest turbines to be deployed in Australia at any wind power project.

Solar power will be provided in the shape of a 15MW solar power facility. All three elements of the project will be managed by Vestas’ control system.

“Renewables are often seen as not so reliable because we can’t control what we produce; control is what we are addressing here,” said Clive Turton, president of Vestas Asia Pacific.

Project equity provider Windlab said the project will generate 210,000 MWh of electricity per year, enough to power around 35,000 average Australian homes.