World’s first floating wind farm begins delivering electricity to Scotland’s grid

The US$256 million Hywind Scotland project, the world’s first floating wind farm, has started production off the coast of Scotland, delivering electricity to the national grid from six 5MW floating turbines.

Norwegian energy firm Statoil confirmed its 30MW project was up and running after arriving from Norway to its final floating position 25km off the coast of Northeast Scotland, in a landmark event for the offshore wind industry.

“Hywind can be used for water depths up to 800m, thus opening up areas that so far have been inaccessible for offshore wind,” said Irene Rummelhoff, executive vice president of Statoil’s New Energy Solutions business.

“The learnings from Hywind Scotland will pave the way for new global market opportunities for floating offshore wind energy.

“Through their government’s support to develop the Hywind Scotland project, the UK and Scotland are now at the forefront of the development of this exciting new technology.”

Statoil’s floating wind farm was built in partnership with UAE-based firm Masdar and will provide renewable energy to around 20,000 homes.

The two companies will also install a 1MW lithium battery storage solution for offshore wind energy in a move linked with the project.