Renewable energy accounts for 20% of US electricity in Q1

Renewable energy accounts for 20% of US electricity in Q1

Latest US Energy Information Administration (EIA) figures reveal that renewable energy sources accounted for 19.35% of US electricity generation in the first quarter of 2017.

This figure represents a much higher proportion of electricity originating from clean energy sources than expected by the EIA, in a boost to the US renewable energy industry.

The single largest source of renewable energy in the North American nation was conventional hydropower, which represented 8.67% of all electricity generation, followed by wind power with 7.10%.

Biomass accounted for a smaller 1.64%, while solar and geothermal energy contributed 1.47% and 0.47% to the total electricity supply of the US, which is still dominated by carbon-based energy sources.

“Not only has renewable energy’s share of total domestic electrical generation nearly doubled in the past seven years, it has reached a level of output that EIA did not anticipate happening for another four decades,” said Ken Bossong, executive director of the SUN DAY Campaign.

The news comes as President Donald Trump prepares to remove the US from the landmark international Paris climate agreement.