Global employment in renewable energy close to 10 million

Global employment in renewable energy close to 10 million

The renewable energy industry employed 9.8 million people worldwide in 2016, according to an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report.

IRENA’s Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2017 found that jobs in the sector increased by 1.1% from 2015, which represents a slight plateauing of growth compared to previous years.

However, in the last four years the number of jobs in the solar and wind industries have more than doubled, with the solar photovoltaic sector leading the way, accounting for 3.09 million jobs.

The wind sector employed 1.2 million people last year, while biofuels were responsible for 1.7 million of the total jobs in the renewables industry.

Adnan Amin, IRENA’s director-general, said: “As the scales continue to tip in favour of renewables, we expect that the number of people working in the renewables sector could reach 24 million by 2030.”

The report said that 62% of worldwide renewables jobs were in Asian countries, while Africa was also highlighted as a region making great progress in the shift towards greater employment in the sector.