Chilean government approves 450MW solar facility

Chilean government approves 450MW solar facility

Solar utility company SolarReserve has received environmental approval from the Chilean government to build a 450MW solar facility in the Tarapacá region.

The Tamarugal Solar Project will comprise of three 150MW solar thermal towers with a total energy storage capacity of 5.8GWh, and will utilise the company’s solar thermal energy storage technology.

SolarReserve’s development senior vice-president Tom Georgis said: “SolarReserve’s proven technology is able to provide non-intermittent electricity from solar energy 24-hours a day, without requiring any fossil fuel.

“The Tamarugal project will help stabilise and lower electricity costs for Chilean families and businesses, while ensuring energy security for the country.”

Prior to construction commencing, SolarReserve will partner with several stakeholders and local communities to ensure environmental impact is kept to a minimum during the work.

SolarReserve is a global developer, owner and operator of utility-scale solar power projects, and is headquartered in California.

The firm currently holds a number of projects in operation worldwide, which are worth more than US$1.8 billion.