US wind power joins solar energy in 2016 growth increase

US wind power joins solar energy in 2016 growth increase

Wind energy generated more than 5.5% of America’s total electricity mix in 2016 as the nation further developed the industry, with over US$13.8 billion invested in new turbines last year.

According to new statistics from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), a record total of 226 million MWh was generated from 52,000 wind turbines across 40 US states, an increase of 18% on figures from the previous year.

In particular, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and North Dakota were the strongest wind producing states, all sourcing more than 20% of their electricity generation from wind power during 2016.

The rapid development of America’s wind energy department in 2016 also meant that it surpassed the generating capacity of hydroelectric energy, which has long been the national leader in renewable energy.

Tom Kiernan, AWEA’s chief executive officer said: “Wind is now cheaply and reliably supplying more than 20% of the electricity in five states and is a testament to American leadership and innovation.

“For these states, and across America, wind is welcome because it means jobs, investment, and a better tomorrow for rural communities.”

The annual growth in US wind power matches the national growth in solar power, as recent data confirmed the amount of energy produced from solar projects doubled in 2016, with US solar power making up 19% of the global share.