New York solar power grows 800% in five years

New York solar power grows 800% in five years

State-supported solar power in New York increased by nearly 800% in the five years from the end of 2011 to the end of 2016, said Governor Andrew Cuomo in a recent statement on renewable energy.

Total solar installations reached around 744MW of renewable power by 2016, a skyrocketing increase on the 83MW of installed solar technology at the end of 2011.

The governor also announced that almost US$1.5 billion has been leveraged in private investment for solar power over this period.

“New York is a national leader in clean energy, and the tremendous growth of the solar industry across this state demonstrates this renewal technology’s increased accessibility and affordability for residents and businesses,” said Cuomo.

“Our investments in this clean energy resource create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, support economic growth, and help build a cleaner, greener New York for all.”

New York has recently received a $360 million renewable energy injection as it chases a target to have exactly half of its total energy mix provided by renewable sources.