Turnbull advocates agnostic energy policy

Turnbull advocates agnostic energy policy

Malcolm Turnbull has announced the latest direction in which he intends to take Australia’s national energy policy in, favouring clean coal technology.

The Prime Minister also said that the country’s renewable energy target was ‘never meant to be a long-term solution’ to Australia’s energy needs, in a statement at the National Press Club.

“The next incarnation of our national energy policy should be technology-agnostic – it’s security and cost that matter most, not how you deliver it,” said Turnbull.

“Policy should be ‘all of the above technologies’ working together to deliver the trifecta of secure and affordable power while meeting our emission reduction commitments.”

Turnbull insinuated that his government will look to invest in modern, clean coal technology, as despite being the world’s largest exporter of coal, investing nearly AUS$780 million since 2009, Australia is yet to produce a modern plant.

The Prime Minister’s speech has alarmed clean energy advocates, who are concerned he will turn his back on Australia’s renewable energy sector.