Scotland aims for 50% renewable energy by 2030

Scotland aims for 50% renewable energy by 2030

The Scottish Government has proposed an ambitious aim of renewable energy sources providing 50% of Scotland’s entire power demands by 2030.

If achieved the plan will significantly reduce the nation’s reliance on gas and oil reserves from the North Sea, which currently provides 47% of total energy use.

The strategy was unveiled by ministers as the latest development in Scotland’s long-term, low-carbon vision of society.

The government also has a target of renewable sources providing energy for 100% of Scotland’s domestic electricity needs by 2020.

However, the latest strategy will require motorists, homeowners and businesses to contribute towards the shift to a zero-carbon society.

Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse, said: “The Scottish Government is determined to support a stable, managed transition to a low carbon economy in Scotland, recognising the very real need to decarbonise our heat supplies and transport system.

“The oil and gas sector will continue to play a vital role during that transition, because our economy will continue to require hydrocarbons over this period.”