Scotland breaks two wind energy records

Scotland breaks two wind energy records

Scotland’s burgeoning array of wind power sources have broken two records over the recent Christmas period.

Scottish wind turbines generated more electricity than the country used for four days in a row beginning on 23 December, according to data released by WWF Scotland.

In addition, the total amount of wind energy produced on 24 December reached more than 74,000MWh, the highest ever generated on a single day. This figure equates to the average electricity needs of 6.09 million homes.

Lang Banks, WWF Scotland’s director said: “[The records] underline the massive progress Scotland is making in securing an ever-increasing proportion of its electricity needs from wind power and other clean renewable sources.”

In December alone wind turbines in Scotland produced 1,154,864MWh of electricity to the national grid – roughly 53% of the total amount of power consumed by the nation.