Digby Wells announces RPM Botswana acquisition

Digby Wells announces RPM Botswana acquisition

Digby Wells Environmental has entered Botswana through a partnership with RPM Botswana.

As part of the deal, which sees Digby Wells acquire 80% of RPM’s issued share capital, RPM Botswana has changed its name to Digby Wells Environmental Botswana.

The remaining 20% of issued shares are held by current shareholders Christine Arthey and Richard Arthey, who founded the company.

“Botswana is a natural choice for us to have a local presence. For a number of years, we have been working on projects in Botswana supporting our multinational clients,” said Digby Wells CEO Graham Trusler.

“We see tremendous potential for growth in this region for our service offering. The partnership with RPM is in line with our international expansion strategy of establishing a presence in favourable jurisdictions with local partners.”

Over the past six years Digby Wells has built up an international presence rapidly, now with offices in the UK, Jersey and Mali. The environmental consultancy is also a registered environmental and social services provider in the DRC and Liberia.

“This mutually beneficial transaction ensures that Digby Wells meets Botswana legal requirement and provides current and potential clients the best in local service and international best practice,” added Trusler.

Trusler also said Mr Arthey will run the Botswana business and will sit on the Digby Wells Group’s executive committee.