Stornaway opens Quebec’s first diamond mine

Stornaway opens Quebec’s first diamond mine

Stornaway Diamond Corporation (TSX:SWY) officially opened Quebec’s first diamond mine after the launch ceremony at its Renard mine last week.

The event was attended by Quebec’s minister of energy and natural resources Pierre Arcand. Arcand is also the minister responsible for Plan Nord – a plan to revitalise northern Quebec’s industry and infrastructure.

“Today’s opening ceremony marks the culmination of approximately 20 years of work to bring the Renard Project from a green-field exploration concept to a fully operating new diamond mine. A long list of individuals can claim a share in the success of this enterprise,” said Stornoway Diamond president and CEO Matt Manson.

“While we celebrate the official opening ceremony today, our production ramp-up continues and we remain on schedule to achieve commercial production by the year end.”