China closes coal and steel companies

China closes coal and steel companies

China will force hundreds of coal and steel companies to close or slash output after the country’s state planner completed an inspection and ruled they were not complying with environmental and safety regulations.

Having inspected more than 4,600 coal mines The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) decided to revoke safety certificates for 28 and shut another 286 operations. As well as this two steel firms were ordered to close permanently, 29 to suspend output and another 23 ordered to reduce production.

China will also set up a no-coal zone in cities around Beijing in 2017 to try reducing the capital’s hazardous smog levels. As an additional measure, the government will ban factories and households in 18 districts and towns of the Hebei province from both burning coal and building new power generators powered by petroleum coke.

The move follows the release of a study by Chinese and American researchers published last month blaming the burning of coal as the cause of premature death for 366,000 people in 2013.