Canada conditionally approves Petronas’ LNG project

Canada conditionally approves Petronas’ LNG project

Canada has conditionally approved Petronas to build a natural gas export terminal in British Columbia.

The Malaysian state-owned liquefied natural gas (LNG) firm welcomed the decision after the government cleared the final barrier to the US$27.3 billion project.

While Petronas welcomed the approval it has yet to make a decision on whether or how soon it would begin construction.

If the project does go ahead it would move Canada a step closer to realising an ambition to compete in the global market for ship-based supplies of LNG.

“This is part of a new industry for British Columbia and Canada,” Canadian Resources Minister Jim Carr said at a press conference. “This project further plants the Canadian flag on the world stage of natural gas exporters.”

The government added the project would be subject to 190 conditions, including a cap on carbon emissions, to protect the environment. The conditions are also aiming to resolve fears the aboriginal community have on the impact of the LNG plant on the local salmon habitat.